Redbud can. 'Black Pearl'
Patent ppaf

A new semi dwarf redbud with extremely dark purple foliage, close internodes give the plant a very full and dense appearance. excellent bush/clump form, or tree form. Developed by Ray Jackson.

Redbud Ace of Hearts
Patent 17,161

The first compact canadensis with small heart shaped leaves that are half the normal size. Parent plant is 13 years old, 12’ wide and 11’ tall.

Redbud 'Alley Cat' Cercis

Zone 4-8, height 20-30 ft., spread 25-35 ft. Alley Cat has an abundance of dark pink blooms before leaves emerge in the spring. Leaves are heart-shaped with white splashes of variegation that appear with coppery-pink tints.

Redbud 'Appalachian Red' Cercis

Zone 4-9. The first and only red bloomer. Blooms later than most cultivars and the bare branches are covered with a late spring show of neon-bright glowing red flowers before the glossy heart shaped leaves appear.

Redbud 'Burgundy Hearts'
Patent 19,654

Zone 5. A unique redbud that features shimmering red-purple heart shaped leaves that remain burgundy throughout the season. Pink-lavender flowers appear before the leaves in the Spring.

Redbud Cascading Hearts
Patent 18,528

Introduced by Steve Bennett of Riverbend Nurseries. An extremely beautiful weeping redbud. Leaf is smaller than the species giving it a fuller appearance.

Redbud ‘Don Egolf’ Cercis
Redbud Eastern Redbud Cercis

Selected seedlings, cut off as one year with new top. Nice heavy plants.

Redbud Eastern Whitebud Cercis

Very hardy and strong grower, branches are covered with white blooms in early spring.

Redbud 'Forest Pansy' Cercis

Zone 5. Heart shaped leaves have a brilliant scarlet purple coloring, maturing to maroon.

Redbud 'Hearts of Gold'
Patent 17,740

Very striking yellow juvenile foliage. Mature leaves turn a lighter shade of green with age. An extremely strong grower with an attractive display of purple blooms in spring.

None available spring 2019

Redbud 'Little Woody'
Patent 15,854

Zone 4-9. A very compact, smaller grower with very dark gnarled and almost rubbery green foliage. The growing tip is red in color. Parent plant is 8’ wide and 10’ tall.

Redbud 'Merlot' Cercis

Vase shaped habit, blooms bright pink, large rounded glossy dark purple leaves. Heat and drought tolerant.

Redbud Oklahoma Cercis

Zone 6-9. Probably the heaviest bloomer of all the cultivars, very dark purple blooms.

Redbud 'Pink Heartbreaker'
Patent 23,043

In my view the best weeping variety yet, very strong grower, clean foliage does not break up, heavy bloom set. You will be impressed with this variety.

Redbud 'Ruby Falls'
Patent 22,097

Zone 6-9. The first weeping purple redbud ever developed. Blooms in early spring with rose-purple flowers followed by large heart shaped purple leaves that become a deep reddish-green in summer.

Redbud Summer's Tower™
Patent PPAF

Zone 6. Heat and drought tolerant tree that features a unique tight, upright vase shape. Pinkish lavender blooms. Vigorous grower, prefers full sun.

Redbud Tennessee Pink Cercis

Small deciduous tree typically grows 20’ in height with a similar spread. Flowers are pea-like and rosy pink, most impressive and striking. Leaves are dark green in summer and yellowish in autumn.

Redbud '‘The Rising Sun’'
Patent 214,515

Zone 5-8, vigorous grower, brilliant golden tangerine colored heart shaped foliage, blooms are rosy-orchid, bark is smooth, tan with yellow cast. Mature height 12’.

Redbud Vanilla Twist
Patent 22,744

White flowering with vigorous weeping habit. Hardy hybrid between Lavender Twist and Royal White.